Success Stories

Multifunctional device

Waterproof product intended for use in extreme conditions that contains a solar battery charger, Bluetooth device, speaker and a light.


Team: Martin Markoski, Davor Minovski, Elena Kostadinovska, Bisera Hardi, Mihaela Stojanovska and Teona Pejcinovska

Mentor: Blagoja Stojcevski


Video presentation


Website where they will present and sell works of Macedonian artisans and artists around the world with secured supplies.


Team: Hristijan Rajkov, Bojan Mickovski, Dimitar Veljanovski and Viktor Sekovski

Mentor: Stefan Chachovski


Video presentation


Macedonian advertising website for all kinds of adds.


Team: Mite Ristov, Mario Nikolovski, David Srbinoski, Nikola Stevanovski and Petar Jovanov

Mentor: Jovana Shishkovska


Video presentation


Mobile application for information and collection of coupons from companies that offer discounts for their products and services.


Team: Aleksandra Karaicovska, Anastasia Mishevska and Jovana Peshevska

Mentor: Ivona Veljanoska


Video presentation


Machine for selecting postal items by bar code.


Team: Evgenija Divitarova and Kristijan Salamovski

Mentor: Blagoja Stojcevski


Video presentation


Website for providing programming courses in an open source environment.



Team: Dimitar Veljanovski

Mentor: Emrah Mehmedov

Video presentation


Website that will resolve the delivery of shipments to the Republic of North Macedonia for countries that do not offer transportation to it



          Team: Aleksandar Rizev and Emilija Chona

         Mentor: Stefan Chachovski