Consultation Sessions

          Emrah Mehmedov


The first mentoring session with the group was held on March 15th and we were initially discussing the purpose of the web application that participants wanted to create, an e-learning web application that will provide video tutorials similar to Around the technology, React.JS and PHP were initially discussed, but there will be additional ones that might be used. To initiate the process, we decided to make sketches (Mockups) for the web application and division of tasks for each participant using Trello.

On March 25th, the second mentoring meeting was held. During this meeting we discussed about the home page for the e-learning web application, including design but not functionality. We worked on an initial database diagram and we got new requirements to make an ER Diagram using MySQL WorkBench. We were discussing about new components to be added to the web application, but we decided to do the initial idea first, so that in the the upcoming period we can think about working on other modules that are meant to be part of the whole web application.


On May 15th, the last mentoring session with Dimitar Veljanoski was held. Dimitar has already created his ThinkSmart platform and at this mentoring session he was detecting issues or functional elements of this platform. This platform includes a series of online courses that include videos and tutorials for online learning. The platform uses voice recognition to detect courses. This element is a very specific asset to the entire idea concept.

          Blagoja Stojchevski


The first session was held on March 15 with one of the teams (Bisera and Elena). At this meeting we worked on clarifying and elaborating the idea, defining the idea, and through the brainstorming of ideas the main characteristics of the product were solved. The product will be a power bank working on solar energy with more embedded segments that would be suitable for people who enjoy staying in nature and camping. The next day, the first mentoring session was held with the other team (Evgenia and Hristijan) because they are working on another idea, creating a modular smart system and a quick picking machine. Two more meetings with the teams followed in the month of March.

On May 10th, a meeting with the team was held at the offices of the company ThreeMode. This group works on building a multifunctional divice, a 3 in 1 prototype product. During this meeting, the group worked on the plastic case for the product which was 3D printed. With this, the team prepared their prototype which would be presented at the upcoming Tech Startup Camp.

          Stefan Chachovski


On March 14, 2019, the first mentoring session was held in the Invoicebus office. Two groups working on two projects were compiled. Discussions were held on identifying projects and defining the ideas. The first group got a task to better examine the business model (a mobile application for helping people with visual impairment), to meet with representatives of the offical institutuins and to discuss more details. This would clarify whether the business model makes sense or not. The other group discussed how their project (e-market with home delivery) will be developed.

On March 22, the second mentoring meeting was held in the Invoicebus office. Only one team (Emilija and Aleksandar) attended the meeting, with which we discussed their initial idea and we concluded that the business model makes no sense. For this reason we discussed several other ideas and we came up with a new – solution for delivery of shipments to North Macedonia for countries that do not offer transport to our country).

On March 29, 2019 (Friday), the third mentoring meeting was held in the Invoicebus office with the group of Emilia and Alexander. We developed an idea for the website of the project, such as unique value propositon, structure and main messages. For the upcoming period of time, the task of starting the creation of a website in WordPress was given. Also, the ideas for further realization of the solution for receiving and tracking shipments were discussed.

On May 8, 2019, a meeting was held with Bojan Mickovski, who is part of the group with Hristijan Rajkov and Viktor Sekovski, and we talked about several potential business ideas. At the end, a homework was given for making a presentation about the selected project.

On May 09, 2019, an online meeting was held with the other group of Emilija Chona and Aleksandar Rizev. We discussed the progress of the project and gave homework and instructions for making a Power Point presentation.

On May 21, 2019, a meeting was held with Bojan Mickovski at the Invoicebus office in Bitola. The idea for creation of an online market for buying and selling services and products from North Macedonia was finalized. The team got a task to create several key project pages that could serve as the POC (proof of concept). By creating the final pages the team got prepared for the upcoming Tech Startup Camp.

          Ivona Veljanoska


The first mentoring session for Branding and Illustrator was held on March 15. We discussed the ideas and for the next session each participant should have several suggestions concerning their specific project. The ideas that emerged from the first session were: re-branding an existing application from the GET Innovation, creating a web site for developing e-business, with a complete branding and marketing campaign. Furthermore, we will have a regular term once a week that would last several hours and together we would develop the idea that will be determined during the next week.

April 8-14: As mentioned in the previous report, when reviewing GetComInfo’s application, the rebranding group sent new logo and color suggestions. Furthermore, they explored ways to change and improve the appearance of the application, and some suggestions for grouping more similar categories into one, a change that will improve the user experience.

April 15-21: After discussing the visual elements of the brand, the group for the rebranding of the GetComInfo application had a task to analyze the application from a marketing aspect. As part of the task they were looking for channels and ways of promoting the application, defining a target group, developing a marketing campaign.

April 22- 28: After the preparation and the proposals for a marketing campaign, the team elaborated the process of generating revenue. For this purpose, the group researched and defined specific ideas and ways that could be added to the application which could bring potential customers.

April 29- May 13: The business model – Canvas was elaborated during this period. This model is a template for strategic management and Lean Startup, aimed for developing new startup companies or improving existing ones. It is used as a shortened business plan format, which, through a visual display, analyzes the most important elements for the development of a startup. As part of the tasks, the group aimed to develop this Canvas model for the GetComInfo application, and by completing that, they got prepared for the upcoming Tech Startup Camp.

          Jovana Siskovska

At the first mentoring session that took place on March 6th, we agreed with the team how the mentoring sessions (Skype meetings) will be held and scheduled a regular term every Wednesday at 9 pm. We defined the goals of the project and the way we communicate and work and share obligations for the next meeting. We agreed that until the next meeting we will decide which WordPress theme will be developed, the name of the project and that we should work on ​​a logo for the project. We checked the option for free domain name for the project name and we looked at hosting packages.

At the second mentoring session, which took place on March 20th, I presented Trello (Task Management System on which we will commit and monitor the process of work) and explained how it works. We agreed to share obligations between the team no later than 24.03 (Sunday) and on Monday we would have another meeting to review and correct if necessary. At this point, the team specified their idea and worked on the logo design.

On March 25th, the third mentoring meeting was held, where the team carefully reviewed the obligations for each individual and assigned the dates for each member of the task management system Trello. At this moment, each team is working on their tasks and we will have a presentation of the work done at the next meetings.

At the last mentoring session that took place on May 20th, the team was preparing and completing the final changes of the online platform KupOglasi. We discussed the program and the team’s obligations. We agreed that we will work to improve the most important functionalities and decide which categories will be offered for the start of the site. These elements were the final touches in preparing the demo version of the team’s startup idea.